CougarCard Center to partner with state credit union

US Bank partnership will expire June 30; students can use US Bank CougarCards until expiration date



The CougarCard Center is establishing a partnership with WSECU, replacing the existing partnership with US Bank.

PUNEET BSANTI, Deputy news editor

WSU has partnered with Washington State Employees Credit Union to create a CougarCard that doubles as a debit card.

This five-year partnership lets students with CougarCards link their WSECU checking accounts, according to a WSU Insider article. Students can use their CougarCard at any ATM or at places that take debit cards like stores or restaurants.

“Since WSU is a state entity, all the employees here are state employees, so it’s beneficial to have a state credit union nearby,” said Bailey Lyle, a senior and clerical assistant at the CougarCard Center. “It will be a smooth transition.” 

On June 30, the CougarCard Center’s partnership with US Bank is set to expire, and WSECU is set to become their next partner. Those with the US Bank CougarCard are able to use their cards until the expiration date, according to the article.