Cooking with Carson: Birria on a Budget

Impress your friends, make your enemies jealous



Absolutely delicious, could not stop eating them

CARSON HOLLAND, Evergreen columnist

Buckle in.

If you have been on FoodTok for any amount of time then you have seen the delicious-looking Birria Tacos. The app is absolutely filled to the brim with competing recipes and they are all slightly different from one another, coupled with the promise that they are an authentic recipe. 

Most are not. This recipe will not be.

I want to warn you ahead of time that this recipe is not authentic, has some pricier ingredients and takes a lot of time. Do not worry, I believe in your cooking skills and the ingredients are more than worth the price tag.

This recipe is one built around the college budget and though some of the ingredients might make you stretch you will not only impress your friends but add a delicious meal to your skills. If you just got your paycheck and are feeling spendy there are ingredients, mainly the meat, that can be upgraded to bolster the flavor. I will list them below if you want to make those upgrades.  

Please do not let the long ingredient list or longer instructions intimidate you, this recipe is worth it. Go in with one or two of your roommates to cover the cost, after the meal is finished they will believe it is more than worth it.

As the temperature around us is getting cooler, fire up that stove, get your ingredients ready and enjoy the mouth-watering smell of the Birria cooking. The waiting will only make it taste better, trust me. 

Hope you enjoy it!


2 lbs boneless chuck roast (can reduce to 1 lb if you have 3 beef short ribs or 1 lb oxtail)

5 ancho chilies

5 guajillo chilies

2 chilies de Arbol

80 quarts rich beef stock

1 cinnamon stick

6 bay leaves

1 Tbsp coriander

1 Tbsp black peppercorn

2 Tbsp oregano

12 g tomato paste

1 yellow onion

1 Sweet Onion

Fresh Cilantro to garnish 

8 cloves garlic

6-inch corn tortillas

1 lbs Oaxaca cheese, shredded

Salt to taste

Starting Off Strong

Take off the stems and remove all the seeds from the chilies and set aside.

How To - prepare a fresh chilli, with Jamie Oliver

Season meat generously with salt

Add oil to a large pot and set heat to high, sear meat in manageable batches on each side taking out the meat and putting it to the side

Chop onions and garlic until finely minced 

Cook until softened 

Middle Game Is the Most Important

Chop your yellow onion. Add more oil to the pot and put to medium head, cooking till softened

Once softened and fragrant add tomato paste and cook down until paste begins to darken 

Thinly slice the garlic and add to the mixture, cooking for a few minutes before adding in beef stock

Mix in chilies 

Add meat back in 

Three quarters there! 

Add peppercorn, coriander, cinnamon stick and bay leaves all in a cheesecloth. Tie tightly so it does not slip out. 

Add to broth, bring mixture to a light simmer for an hour, and cover. Stir occasionally. 

The Final Stretch

Remove chilies and add around one or two cups of stock into a blender and blend until smooth. Add back into mixture, cover and braise for 90 more minutes. 

Remove the meat and shred 

Season the rest of the broth and meat with salt

Dunk tortilla completely in the broth

Set tortilla over a pan with medium heat

Top with shredded cheese and cook until melted, adding meat then fold taco. 

Serve with a side of broth 

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