OPINION: Events, clubs on campus need your support!

Support your fellow Cougs, gain opportunities, have fun!



Over the weekend, Spokane-based band Snacks at Midnight held a concert right here on campus!

ANNABELLE PEPIN, Evergreen columnist

No one does community better than the WSU Cougs. Supporting each others’ events is one of the best ways to keep the tight community thriving, but is often not talked about enough. Events on campus are often overlooked but are beneficial to attend. 

Over the weekend, I attended one of the best concerts I have been to in a long time, and it was held in our very own Jackson Hall Studio A. 

The opening band was all students, and the headliner was Snacks at Midnight out of Spokane, who have over 13,000 streams on one of their Spotify songs. 

I recently started working with Wazzu Record Room on Cable 8, which was the only reason I knew the show was happening. If I was not part of the show, I, unfortunately, would not have known about it, because events around campus are just not talked about very often!

The show is hosting a concert every month to highlight local bands, which is an incredible way for students to have a live music experience. When I went, I made so many connections that I would not have made under normal circumstances.

After asking a few students around campus, the majority of people said they are unaware of the events happening. This is a sad reality, considering the benefits that coincide with the events themselves. 

“I work as a Cougar Connector, but even with a job like that I don’t know what events are going on around campus,” said senior advertising major Erica Johnson.

The Student Entertainment Board puts on a number of events every month that would be incredible to attend. Next week, they are hosting a blood drive, as well as many fun events during homecoming week. 

The events that this organization puts on bring together people with similar interests. They host film nights that may not available on the day-to-day streaming websites, such as “Midsommar.”

Clubs like the PB & J Club and the Horticulture Club give their creations to students around campus. The succulent sale on September 23rd will have succulents that were grown by our very own Cougs, and will help support the Horticulture Club! 

Focusing on the future is one of the biggest stressors for this age group, because of the uncertainty everyone feels about their lives in five to ten years. 

The Team Mentoring Program has a conversation with Boeing coming up this week, to ease the pressure for students heading into that field. The only issue with this is that not many people have heard about opportunities like these. 

Aside from fun events, there are so many opportunities available through all of these amazing clubs and organizations that are often overlooked because they are not talked about enough around campus. 

I am making it my goal this year to go out of my way to see the events that other people have put so much time into hosting. 

Supporting the things people are passionate about motivates them to keep being creative and create incredible things. Support your fellow Cougs, and get involved on campus!