Sports are snazzy, thanks to you

Sports expanded from three to 11 writers, high quality work

Sam Taylor, fall 2022 Evergreen sports editor


Sam Taylor, fall 2022 Evergreen sports editor

SAM TAYLOR, Evergreen sports co-editor

When I started this job in May, I did not know quite what to expect.

I knew the skeleton of the job involved editing every writer’s work in a meeting called a readout in which I would read every article out loud with the writer, ensuring every name was spelled correctly, every fact was accurate and the structure made sense.

I knew it involved designing the sports pages you see in print in Adobe InDesign.

And I knew it involved hiring writers and helping them create their best work.

After about six months on the job, I can say I have succeeded in every avenue of the job.

In May, I was one of three sports writers. Today, the sports section is 11 people strong and counting.

That is why when the section was generating too much content to be contained to a three-day-a-week schedule, we expanded to five days a week and I had the amazing opportunity to hire Trevor as my deputy sports editor.

In this role, Trevor has thrived.

Trevor is a fantastic writer that cares about sports and helping his peers.

Although this job quickly revealed to me that I am far too busy for my own good, it taught me to get my work done efficiently and value the people and endeavors that are most important to me.

To every writer that wrote for the sports section, thank you for lending your time and talents to telling stories that matter.

Or stories that we at least believe matter (see our countless passionate columns).

To each photographer, illustrator, copy editor and the rest of the editorial staff that helped the sports section thrive this year: thank you!

To Sandi, the Evergreen’s editor-in-chief and Mikayla, managing editor, thank you for teaching me InDesign, giving constructive feedback on my work and creating an atmosphere at the Evergreen that is accepting and fun. You may say I saw you at your worst every Wednesday night when my pages were finally done, but I saw you at your best. Your personalities, values and efforts made this newsroom a rewarding place to work. Thank you!

The sports section reached new heights as every in-season sport at WSU had a dedicated beat writer.

We retold heartbreaking moments like WSU football’s losses to Oregon and Washington.

We covered WSU volleyball’s terrific tournament season.

And we featured student-athletes, telling the stories of who they are both on and off the field of play.

This fall has been an absolute pleasure. Thank you for joining me on this ride!