Letter from the editor: A new journey

After three semesters as section editor, new managing editor is ready for a new odyssey



I’ve performed on the field of SoFio stadium, but nothing compares to our newsroom.

KESTRA ENGSTROM, Managing editor

After two semesters and a summer as opinion editor, for my final semester here at Wazzu I wanted something new. Chronically indecisive, I spent weeks going back and forth on what to do.

Now, on this weirdly not-too-chilly January day, I’m so happy to be returning to the Evergreen as the new managing editor!

I’ll value every production week that I got to work with the opinion section, and as managing editor I’m pumped to work with even more writers, getting to know their unique skill sets, interests and writing styles. I can’t wait to learn from them.

From the unmatched energy of (my moms) Sandi Kobiesa and Meg Henry, to the wonderful kindness of (our new editor-in-chief!) Mikayla Finnerty, I’ve known too many incredible managing editors to count. Their presence and impact were always felt, and now that it’s my turn I can only hope I’m able to live up to the fantastic examples they’ve set in this position.

I’m equal parts eager and shitting bricks to start this new journey. I can only hope to live up to those who came before me and continue their legacy as the Daily Evergreen managing editor for spring 2023 <3