What to expect from the sports section — letter from the editors

Sam Taylor and Trevor Junt welcome you to the Evergreen sports section



Sports editor Sam Taylor (left) and deputy sports editor Trevor Junt (right).


Sam Taylor

I do not remember my first Mariners game (I do know I was 10 and disinterested in baseball, preferring to walk around Safeco Field with my Dad) but I do remember my second every M’s game in 2016, thanks in part to an Instagram post I made afterward with a perhaps excessively long caption.

I did not just say I went to the M’s game, I mentioned every Mariners score from Kyle Seager, Robinson Cano and Adam Lind’s home runs to the RBI base hits from Stefan Romero, Nelson Cruz and Ketel Marte. I mentioned how Wade Leblanc allowed only three runs through 5.1 innings and how the bullpen allowed only one more run before “EDWIN DIAZ” (I used all-caps in the caption) took the mound.

He had, as I described it, a rocky save as he allowed two runs but he struck out three to earn his ninth save in his ninth opportunity. I wrote all of this not because I expected anyone to read it, but because I wanted to write it.

Recapping what I just witnessed and seeing it come to life again in my head was a fulfilling feeling.

My early Mariners fandom and wordy expression of it shaped my love of what I would learn to be sports journalism and inform my enjoyment of the game.

Howdy Cougs, and if you are back, welcome back to Pullman!

My name is Sam Taylor. I served as the sports editor last semester and had an absolute blast. It was an honor to recruit and grow our staff into the double digits and tell the stories of so many wonderful student-athletes, coaches, staff and fans. 

It is the individuals we get to meet and the stories we tell that make this job and work so rewarding.

In 2023, the sports section will continue to cover the 15 NCAA Division-I athletic programs at WSU. We will also seek to cover certain club and high school sports in Pullman.

We will focus more on the people and stories that make sports so interesting in the first place. Let’s get started!

Trevor Junt

Wassup Cougs! I’m Trevor Junt. I was the deputy sports editor last semester. This job is hard work, but man, it is a blast. I was a part of the strong growth that our section had last semester. 

When I first got started there were a total of three reporters and that included Sam. So to see the section rise to double digits was awesome to witness.

I have always known that I wanted to be a sports journalist, the first game I remember is the 2005 Super Bowl between the Seahawks and the Steelers. I knew watching the analysts that it was similar to what I wanted to do. Get paid to talk about sports? Yes, please. 

My first time covering a sporting event, I was on the sidelines covering a Division-I football game of WSU. Then, the first time writing about it, I was in WSU’s press box. 

If you are interested in going into sports media or just want to try covering sports, I would highly recommend getting involved in all things Murrow, the Evergreen, Wazzu Sports Network and KUGR. They will expand your knowledge and overall skills in reporting. 


Work with us and read our work!

Our Sports Evergreen team is pretty snazzy. If you have an interest in joining us, please email [email protected] and if you have an interest in reading our work, you can find us publishing new articles throughout the week at dailyevergreen.com and in a green box in Pullman every Thursday.

Go Cougs!