Time is Ticking: Students continue to be ghosted by Aspen Heights

The original move-in date for residents at Aspen Heights was Aug. 13



Aspen Heights, Jan. 12, 2023.

GABRIELLE BOWMAN, Evergreen news co-editor

Students are still awaiting entry to their apartments at Aspen Heights as of Thursday. 

Aspen Heights promised its residents that move-in dates would happen in the fall semester 2022, however, just a few over a week before the move-in day they were notified that this would not be happening

Move-in dates were pushed back to October and residents had to find housing elsewhere such as Yugo Pullman Hills or The Ruckus. 

The reason for this was there were unanticipated delays caused by supply chain challenges that prevented residents from moving in, a spokesperson for Aspen Heights wrote in an email. 

Aspen Heights, Jan. 12, 2023.

Toward the end of the fall semester, a new date for move-in was sent out and a phased plan was put into place by Aspen Heights.

Students who lived in a particular area of The Ruckus were told they would move into their homes at Aspen Heights at the beginning of the new year, said sophomore psychology major Camille Weltman. She does not think anyone is going to be moved in by January and that Aspen Heights might have pushed the date again because those students have still not heard an update. 

“They weren’t giving us any updates and they’re being extremely vague and not answering at all,” she said.

Weltman is one of the students that was placed at The Ruckus after Aspen Heights residents found out they would not be living there and has been trying to reach out to Aspen Heights for more information but has not heard anything, she said. 

Aspen Heights, Jan. 12, 2023.

“While this has not been an experience we aim to give, it’s our goal to continue to take care of our residents while they live off-site during ongoing construction with accommodations,” the spokesperson wrote.

Students that were displaced due to the slow construction of their apartments have become frustrated with Aspen Heights and with the continued delayed move-in schedule.

Weltman wants to find a way to get out of her lease with Aspen Heights, she said.

“I don’t want to live there and I want to know how I can go about getting out of living here because I don’t want to ever, and they basically said it wasn’t an option,” Weltman said. “After everything we’ve gone through this year. I feel like that is literally the least … they could do is just release you from the contract.”

Another WSU student said they were able to get out of their lease by threatening legal action against Aspen Heights.

Residents with questions or inquiries about the status of their lease can reach out to [email protected], the spokesperson wrote.