Time for SHOTZ

After years of working in the business, Katie Broncheau turned herself into an owner and entrepreneur, starting SHOTZ Coffee



SHOTZ Coffee’s sign in Colfax, Wash., Feb. 17.

JOSIE GOODRICH, Reporter/Copy Editor

After being a barista for about nine years, Katie Broncheau took her talents and decided it was time for her to call her own SHOTZ.

In 2015, Broncheau started working at the Daily Grind in Colfax as a way to work part-time while having kids, she said. Then, after working there for three years, the Daily Grind was sold to new owners and changed to 165 Degree Brew.

Broncheau knew she wanted to start her own business after she left the Daily Grind, but she worked with 165 Degree Brew for five years before that happened, she said.

About two years ago, Broncheau and her boyfriend Josh Beggs began looking around Colfax for buildings they could turn into coffee shops, she said. Broncheau had contacted her high school Taco Time boss and asked about buying the building, but the cards did not fall in her favor — at the time.

“I ended up quitting 165 in November [2022] just because I was kind of looking for a more stable job, and then literally right as I quit my job there, the [Taco Time] owner contacted me and was like, ‘Look, I would love for you to just try it out, be in the building, rent the space and see how you do,’” Broncheau said. “This has been what I have wanted to do for a long time.”

Broncheau and Beggs officially opened SHOTZ on Feb. 6 this year, and business has been everything they could have hoped for and more, Broncheau said.

“It has far exceeded our expectations, it’s been awesome,” Broncheau said. “Everyone’s been super supportive.”

Broncheau believed the town needed another coffee shop with all of the traffic and the amount of people getting coffee, she said.

Alongside the classic coffee and energy drinks, SHOTZ sells grab-and-go’s, Broncheau said. SHOTZ gets their coffee from Thomas Hammer, as well as their breakfast burritos, scones and other baked goods. SHOTZ also sells bagels and cinnamon rolls.

Danielle Young said she went to SHOTZ on their opening day before she headed to work in Pullman. When she got there around 5:40 a.m., there were already 20 cars lined up to try the new coffee, she said.

“My husband said the first week, [the line] was around the building down the block around the block,” Young said.

Young said she and her coworkers at Avalon Care Center all love SHOTZ for the customer service they provide, as well as the coffee they can make. Not only are they willing to make anything for their customers, she said, but they are eager to learn about their customers.

“They’re just amazing at all they do. I’ve been telling people for years that they’re the best baristas on the side of this mountain,” Young said. “They’re a great group of people; their customer service is amazing and they actually truly care.”