Edward R Murrow’s legacy

At WSU, the investment in a degree can take place in many fields of study, with communication winning Best Degree in the Student Choice Awards this year.

Bruce Pinkleton, interim dean of The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication, said what sets the communication degree apart from others is it offers a variety of career choices and is a flexible program.

“If you think about it, communication is central to almost all that we do as people,” Pinkleton said. “The degree really allows students to maximize their abilities and their potential and to build careers for them based on the skills and natural interests they have.”

He said the college is nationally recognized because it offers the hands-on experience students would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere and provides an education from professors who have experience in the field.

One of the ways students actively participate is through opportunities like the Murrow Backpack Journalism Project.

Pinkelton said projects like these offer students a unique opportunity to apply the skills they learn before they graduate and gain invaluable experience that will help them be better prepared for entering the workforce.

He also said that much of the college’s success stems from a strong code of ethics and values passed down through the generations going back to Murrow himself.

“The Murrow name is the most important name in broadcast journalism historically and we take that responsibility to represent Murrow and his ideals very seriously,” Pinkleton said.

He said the caliber of work expected from students in the College of Communication is high, and the assignments students are given reflects those high expectations.

“Frankly, I can’t imagine a better degree than communication,” Pinkelton said.