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Major League Soccer is just as important as NFL

October 14, 2013

Editor:The few times I have seen articles in The Daily Evergreen about sports outside of Pullman, they have been about the Seahawks. I’ve wondered why other regional sports aren’t also covered. For the sports section to receive my best regards, it needs to include more than just Pete Carroll and R...

ASWSU looks foolish

October 11, 2013

Editor:ASWSU should do some more research before passing a resolution purporting to speak for all students, and especially when that resolution slams a well-respected University department.The ASWSU resolution is solely based on the words of disgruntled employees and their friends, and not on a clear ...

The high costs for students in health care are too much

October 7, 2013

Editor:College students are keenly aware of the high cost of education and health care. They are plagued with the question, “how am I going to pay for this?”Students attending professional schools such as graduate programs or medical school are even more affected by the price tag of higher educa...

Dr. Dave is still recovering

September 30, 2013

Editor:The recent article entitled "Welcome Home, Dr. Dave" was a lovely tribute and likely well intended, but left the distinct impression that David Warner has completed/nearly completed his recovery process. Nothing could be further from the truth.To the average reader who knows nothing about David...

WSU’s appeal in Demers v Austin is an affront to free speech

September 30, 2013

Editor:Why are the WSU Board of Regents, Dr. Elson Floyd’s administration and the Washington state Attorney General’s office trying to kill shared governance? And why are the WSU Faculty Senate and Edward R. Murrow College of Communication professors allowing them to do that?These are two questions ...

Leach was a poor sport

Letter to the Editor

September 25, 2013

Editor:Sports can be very competitive. One thing you learn is to be humble in winning and humble in losing. Hopefully in the future, Coach Leach will just say, “Nice game,” and leave the trash talk to others. We are a classy university with classy people.Go Cougs!Michael JonesWSU Alum...

Fund mental health, not gun regulations

Letter to the Editor

September 23, 2013

Editor:The column “Mental health to blame in Navy Yard shooting” was a pleasant surprise…until I read the conclusion.Michelle Chan is on the right track when she says banning guns would only penalize peaceful people who have followed the laws all along. But going from there to calling for manda...

Are the Evergreen archives lost to time?

Letter to the Editor

September 23, 2013

Editor:I sat on the Student and Activities (S&A) committee in 2011.  This group distributes the $500 and change in S&A fees, which students pay each year, throughout campus.  One of the requests was a one-time distribution to The Daily Evergreen to upgrade their servers.  One of the reasons for th...

WSU Band is not good

Letter to the Editor

September 23, 2013

Editor:I am very disappointed how the Cougar Marching Band performs. Actually, I would not classify the band as a marching band, but rather a concert band with music attached to their instruments. The drum crew performs without music sheets, why can't the rest of the band? All you have to do is watch how the ...

Letter to the Editor: Veterans need a quiet place to meet and talk

September 11, 2013

Editor:As the parent of a veteran of the conflict in Iraq, I have seen changes in my son from the way he was when he first joined the service.Some people may say they become indoctrinated in the ways of the military, but in fact they become part of a cultural group. Whether they serve in a war zone or here ...

Column called attention to violations of rights

September 4, 2013

I just read Ashley Fisher's piece "Your home is your castle, even against the cops." I thought it was well done, and explores a very important and underexamined issue.If Ms. Fisher is interested in learning more about the right to resist unlawful arrest, I coauthored an article on the subject a few yea...

Column exaggerated government power

September 4, 2013

Ashley Fisher's recent column on Indiana's rather extraordinary new law intrigued me. If we were in a genuine police state or an "increasingly totalitarian society," she would not have been able to publish an article like she did or would have been arrested and imprisoned immediately afterward.Has that ha...

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