OPINION: Students should add color to wardrobe this spring



Funky patterns and bright colors are coming back into fashion, just in time for spring.

MEGHAN HENRY, Evergreen managing editor

Spring in Pullman is a cornucopia of vibrancy and adventure. A walk down Monroe Street is a rendezvous with countless acquaintances, and a trip to Reaney or Ruby Street Park will highlight the soft, sprouting bloom of spring within all of us. 

Our clothes often match our moods and attitudes. As the season of cheery colors and a sweet intermixing of pastels and neons has made its — dare I say — official debut, our attire is bound to fall into step. 

As a mere Pinterest scroller and thrift store shopper, I decided the best people to speak with about this spring’s biggest trends would be WSU’s Apparel, Merchandising, Design, and Textiles majors. 

“Because I am obsessed with color theory, the first color that I definitely see people wearing … is called AI Aqua,” said senior AMDT major Jennifer Rossi. “It’s definitely more vibrant blue … like tropical waters.”

Along with this bright blue, springy colors have been grabbing our attention since January.

“I started seeing sage blow up … and I was like, ‘I feel like we’re gonna be on this green wave all spring and summer,” said senior AMDT major Gena Franco. “But not just green. Just overall bright colors.”

Neons and classic eye-catching hues like pastels are making a big mark on spring 2021 fashion trends in tops, pants and shoes. This can be seen in both men’s and women’s clothes.

It’s funny because, growing up, I didn’t find neon very attractive,” Franco said. “There was that 80s association with it, and if you think about the 2008 tank top, party rock era with the glasses … you’re like ‘Yuck,’ right? But I feel like we’re really starting to embrace bright color more and it’s really good to see.”

I felt the same way, and the new colors are really affecting my typically neutral closet. But I am excited to incorporate something new into my wardrobe. 

It’s all about the design,” Franco said. “If the shirt itself is cute and then you just happen to make it a bright yellow, you’re like, ‘Oh well now I have an excuse to wear a bright yellow top,’ because not only is it bright but it looks good on your body.”

It is also so exciting to hear that our once 90s-leaning styles are now moving even further back to the 80s. Bright colors and funky patterns are once again grabbing the spotlight in the latest trends. 

This exciting love of color comes at the downturn of the brown trend from the past few months. And though we will probably still see it in stores through summer, I believe its monopoly on the fashion world has come to a close.

It’s very funny how quickly that passed,” Rossi said. “There are people that will still hop on that train of wanting that neutral palette, but as people emerge into spring and summer, they are quickly realizing how — almost in a desperate sense — they want something new and fresh.

As for fresh silhouettes, Rossi said tank tops are the foreseen favorite of the summer. Though this might not be anything particularly new, the colors and patterns that we will see in the upcoming season will be the outfit-makers. 

For men’s fashion, I definitely … foresee a cropped sleeve,” Rossi said. 

We are also seeing a big jump in baggier silhouettes.

“Simply because during quarantine most people have gained weight, it’s more flattering to wear silhouettes that don’t cling to the body,” Rossi said. “As far as spring goes, I can definitely see a lot of frilly dresses, and I think that’s very intentional.

For bottoms, the baggier pants are definitely a continuing staple. 

No one likes to wear jeans in the summer, but put on some balloon pants or paper bag pants, and it’s gonna feel so nice walking,” Franco said. “You’ll be able to feel the breeze and you have that wider silhouette that you can honestly pair pretty much anything with.”

However, skirts are a fun addition to warm-weather outfits as well.

I’m definitely going to be experimenting more with layered skirts,” Rossi said. “Those are really exciting for me because they haven’t been super in fashion for a long time, but it’s coming back in an athletic sense.” 

Though the layered skirt trend truly takes me back to middle school, I trust Rossi’s vision. And who’s to say experimenting with these new spring trends wouldn’t introduce me to a new favorite piece?

The straight-leg pants, however, will always be a go-to in my wardrobe. And although so much of the fashion world caters to certain body types, I believe the pandemic has worked in our favor, putting comfort at the top of the list of priorities.

You can tell, too, that because of quarantine people want to swing in the opposite direction,” Franco said. “[They want] to start being bolder, they want to start being more noticed because we’ve gone a whole year of being unnoticed.”

Along with comfort, fashion has continued to flow with the change of our society after the pandemic, bringing bright and fun patterns and colors to the top of our priority list — where I, for one, never thought they would be in my own wardrobe. 

I am excited to take on a new challenge of incorporating the colors and styles I love from this season and make them my own.