French and fried: best fries

From staff reports

South Fork Public House won the votes for best fries in Pullman with the restaurant’s signature shoestring fries.

Shanna Taylor, assistant manager of South Fork, said good French fries have to be soft inside but be crispy on the outside. One of the added bonuses to South Fork fries is the addition of WSU seasoning and serving them fresh and hot.

“They’re a simple, classic food,” Taylor said.

The spice used on the fries is called Everything Seasoning, an all-purpose seasoning that includes ingredients such as kosher salt, pepper, garlic, paprika, onion and other assorted spices.

South Fork has stayed consistent throughout the years, keeping with the same supplier and frying them in the kitchen, Taylor said.

Most customers usually ask for the fries when eating at the restaurant, Taylor said. It’s one of their most overwhelmingly popular choices.

Reporting by Catherine Kruse