Students should attend UREC, Chinook All Access Week

Over 40 classes are available to students to try for free at the two recreation centers on campus



The Student Recreation Center has four indoor basketball courts to play inside and a couple outside.

SYDNEY DOWNING, Evergreen columnist

Week of Welcome offers a bunch of opportunities for WSU students. But my personal favorite, All Access Week, is a whole week at the Student Recreation Center and Chinook Student Center where students can sign up for and attend any fitness class for free.

From Aug. 23-29, the SRC and Chinook offer over 40 classes for students to try out, including yoga, kayaking, spin classes, boxing and several different dance styles. It is a great opportunity for incoming students to see the facility and meet new people.

Staying active has many benefits to the body, but the most well-known is relieving stress.

Tyler Shaffer, junior finance major, attends the SRC quite often. Very involved in lifting, he enjoys working out to reduce stress and to feel good. 

“[The SRC] is a really nice gym, but it’s also a good social hour to just see other people who are there working out,” Shaffer said. “You get to see your crowd a little bit more.”

Even after All Access Week ends, classes are affordable for students. But with your CougarCard, you can use the recreation centers for free. 

“Since COVID, everyone’s had the last year and a half to meet nobody. There will be incoming students with no idea what to do next,” Shaffer said. “These offered classes are super helpful and a perfect opportunity to meet people with mutual interests.” 

This opportunity is amazing to take advantage of. As a student, I am also looking forward to trying new classes and meeting new people.

Mark Johnson, senior marketing major, spends time playing basketball at the SRC often. He said it is a good opportunity to enjoy being active. 

“It takes my mind off of things,” Johnson said. You’re not worried necessarily about school; you’re worried about getting buckets.” 

A good form of exercise is partaking in sports like basketball. The SRC has four indoor courts to play inside and a couple outside. Other popular courts include indoor and outdoor volleyball, indoor soccer/hockey, a climbing wall, racquetball, a swimming pool, badminton and even an indoor track.

“It’s a pretty good place. There are lots of things you could do,” Johnson said. “You could lift, do cardio, play basketball. Just so many physical activities you can do.”

Johnson is currently a resident adviser and would easily recommend this place to students in his fall. It’s a universal center to enjoy being social and taking your mind off classes. 

The opportunities are endless at the SRC. However, we cannot forget the Chinook. Its Hillside location makes it more accessible to students without a car. 

The Chinook is another great spot to take workout classes, find a good place to study or use a sauna after lifting weights. They even have napping pods for those long lecture days where you are in desperate need of a quick rest.

These centers are so versatile. I enjoy going to both for different things. They will be more than packed this fall, and you may even see Shafer lifting weights or Johnson getting buckets!