From zero experience to professional coffee artist


RACHEL SUN | The Daily Evergreen

Cafe Moro barista Kevin Douglas talks about how he enjoys conversing and building relationships with customers who come through the coffee shop.

Name, age: Kevin Douglas, 23

Occupation, major: Barista at Cafe Moro, junior psychology and neurobiology

How did you become a barista?
“I became a barista in July of 2015, and I had been coming here since 2012. I was talking to Tyson every day asking for a job, and I had to be 21. So when I turned 21, he hired me. I had zero coffee experience, it was so interesting though.”

Do you have a lot of regulars?
“We actually have a lot of couples that I’ve met here, and they’ll come back every once in a while. They’ll sit at the same tables they’ve had, and that’s really cool. I’ve known regulars for five years that I knew before I worked here too. I’ve known a lot of people here.”

What’s your favorite thing about your job?
“The people. Just coming and meeting all these new people. Also Tyson [the owner] teaching me all these new, cool things about the drinks, that’s always fun. Tyson is super knowledgeable about everything coffee.”

It seems pretty cool that the shop allows animals.
“Dogs coming in are awesome, I love dogs. We’ve had a lot of cats come in lately — cats on leashes. There’s only like, two or three people that bring them in. One lady, she sits right there, *points* and the cat sits on the chair. And she’s not harnessed, but she’s the chillest cat. She just sleeps all the time.”