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Palouse Library starts monthly game nights thanks to grant from Rural Development Intiatives



The nonprofit organization, Rural Development Intiatives, recently granted the Palouse Library $2,000 to support their new game night series.


Friday nights in Palouse just got a little more lively. 

On April 15, the Palouse Library will hold its first game night from 6:30-9 p.m., the first of an ongoing series.

The event is the brainchild of Sarah Bofenkamp, Palouse Library branch manager. She said she hopes the game night will give community members a chance to gather together and bond. 

“A lot of events are focused on specific crowds of people, but games are universal,” Bofenkamp said.

The game night sponsor, Rural Development Initiatives, is a nonprofit organization that focuses on helping rural areas. After hearing the idea for the game night at a “Great Ideas” dinner hosted by RDI, the organization donated money to the library. 

“They funded the program and gave me $2,000 to buy a bunch of games for the library and all the materials I will need,” Bofenkamp said. “So I was able to buy a bunch of games and gaming tables and quality items. Because of the library’s limited funds, we don’t often get to buy legacy items; I feel really lucky to have these materials.” 

The game night will feature an array of games from Scrabble to Magic: The Gathering to backgammon; there are options for everyone, Bofenkamp said.

While April 15 is the first game night at the Palouse Library, Bofenkamp says it will not be the last. She hopes to host a game night every month. 

Games can be a great way to learn something new; it’s intergenerational, and it brings people together,” Bofenkamp said.