WSU Love Story: Cougar Connections

Couple met in college, got married in CUB five years after graduating



Susan and Craig Recob loved WSU so much, they tied the knot at the Compton Union Building in June 1998.

ANNA MICHALSON, Evergreen reporter

Susan and Craig Recob met at WSU during their time attending between 1988-1993, where she studied elementary education and psychology and Craig studied accounting and finance. 

Susan said she and Craig had many mutual friends through Greek life and often saw each other at social events during the weekends. 

“We did not date in college, we met just because we had mutual friends, but I don’t think that our maturity was at the stage where having a long-term relationship was really where we were at,” Susan said “We were just obviously enjoying college.” 

Despite the future couple’s distaste for a relationship at the time, Craig said they always had their eyes on each other. 

“I always thought she was cute in college. Obviously, those feelings didn’t change,” he said. 

Susan grew up in Colfax and was very fond of the small-town way of life. She said upon meeting Craig, he was shocked to know she was from such a small town, as she didn’t resemble the stereotype a city boy had in his head about small-town girls. 

“He made a comment ‘oh, you’re from Colfax? You don’t look like someone from Colfax,’” Susan said. “That was kind of the big joke is that he was like, being from Kirkland, his impression of people from the small towns was kind of funny.” 

After graduation, Susan and Craig went about their separate lives, but Susan said their paths would soon cross again, and this time, for good. 

[Those mutual friends] would have parties, and I saw him again and re-thought that at a party. I thought ‘oh my gosh, she’s so cute,’” said Craig. 

Craig then asked Susan to go on a mountain bike ride, which was a shared passion of theirs at the time, and the rest is history. 

The Recob’s have a long history of Cougar ties in their family. Craig said his dad, uncle, and the rest of his dad’s side of the family all attended WSU. 

“When we were [at WSU], no one left on the weekends, I mean, that’s your family,” Susan said. “[WSU] helps you become the person you are going to be when you reach adulthood.” 

The Cougar community runs strong. The Recobs said they still get together with their many college friends and continue to make more Coug friends as the years go on. 

“Even today we ran into people that we haven’t seen since college, but we recognize them, and it’s fun to reminisce about those days,” Susan said. 

To truly solidify their relationship in the Coug spirit, Susan and Craig actually got married at the Compton Union Building in June of 1998, and later went on to have three children, one of which is a senior at WSU now. 

In the future, Susan and Craig plan to move back to Pullman for retirement and live out their Coug-filled memories, as well as make many new ones. 

“I asked Craig what he hopes to do when he reached retirement. He said ‘Go to as many Coug sporting events possible, and golf Palouse ridge,” Susan said. “I wanted to go back to Pullman, and I missed the small-town community.” 

The Recob’s story goes to show, the Coug family always brings people together, near or far.