Rate your dorm at WSU with RateMyDorm.com

From Northside to Southside, students can now leave reviews on WSU’s dorms



Freshmen nursing major Gabrielle Kurtz studies in her Gannon dorm room, Saturday, Feb. 11, 2023, Pullman Wash.

ANGEL IKUEZE, Evergreen reporter

RateMyDorm is a new website that launched April 2022. On ratemydorm.com, current and past dorm residents can rate and leave comments on what they think of each dorm.

To leave a rating or comment, WSU students can sign into the website using their WSU email address. WSU’s page at ratemydorm.com/dorms/washington-state-university has 17 reviews as of Feb. 14.

Honors Hall has the highest rating, with five stars after one review.

“Honors Hall is the best,” the anonymous reviewer wrote. “The rooms are large (Although the room to room size varies tremendously, some rooms are much smaller than others), the suite style living is awesome (private, 6 or 4 person only bathrooms), and the location is perfect being right in the middle of campus.”

Meanwhile, Gannon/Goldsworthy Hall has the lowest rating with 2.7 stars. There are five reviews for the hall.

“I’ve lived here for about 6 months, floor 4,” one anonymous reviewer wrote, rating the hall 2.8 stars. “There is mold in the showers, sinks etc. that causes people to be sick and the washer has mold in it. However, dorm Rooms are nice and adequate space. Decent storage space too! Bathrooms have very poor ventilation though, and so do the showers.”

A current resident at Gannon Hall said that she likes the dorm location-wise since it is close to Southside Café and her classes, and that the rooms are not that bad since they are spacious. She said her issue with Gannon Hall’s rooms are the poor lighting, not being able to bunk beds and the constantly poor Wi-Fi connection.

Community, Global Scholars and McEachern halls have ratings of 4.5 stars. Olympia, Rogers and Streit Perham halls have ratings of 3.8 stars. Stephenson Complex has 3.5 stars, Regents Hall has 3.4 stars and Scott/Coman Hall has 3.3 stars. Northside and Orton halls are yet to be reviewed.