Stubbies overshadows the rest

Stubblefields takes gold in various categories, upstages competition



Stubblefields bartender Devinne Schultz, voted Pullman’s best, prepares drinks for her coworkers Thursday.

CHRIS WEST, Evergreen columnist

As far as bars go — and the fine drinks imbibed in them — Stubblefields ranks among the best in Students’ Choice Awards, coming in first in several categories.

As finalists in most food-related categories, they deserve some recognition. But let’s face it, you can’t drink onion rings. Well, you can, but that’s awful, and not important. What’s important is the categories of liquid courage, saucy shots, and other alcoholic euphemisms.

They are finalists for best wine, craft beer, best cocktail, best place to dance, best date spot and, most importantly, best bartender. So, as the unofficial king of all things distilled and fermented, I packed up my crown and scepter and paid a visit to Stubbies to chat with the alcoholic angel.

Right off the bat, I could tell why Devinne Schultz was so popular with bar patrons. She hit all the marks of what makes a bartender great: She’s approachable, she’s cheerful and she loves her job. Nobody likes a jerk bartender.

Schultz prefers whiskey, Sprite and lime juice on her off-days.

I got myself a rum and coke and sat down and hashed it out with Schultz to find out her secrets of success. Hailing from Montana, she stumbled into Stubblefields and started as a bartender. Not a barback or cocktail waitress or cook. A bartender. It was meant to be.

There are many types of bars in the world, from sports bars to Irish pubs, and from smoky cocktail lounges to wild party bars. Stubbies is more of a healthy cocktail on a few types of these places all rolled into one, with a good deal of party bar, because we’re Cougs, and Cougs work hard and party harder.

Schultz relishes this thought. She enjoys having regulars come in. She flourishes in the ever-changing environment and the hormone-fueled chaos that can be Stubblefields. She has the keen eye to spot some of her favorite customers in a crowd and know what they’re about to order. Plus you also have to give credit to Stubbies for their specials. On Wednesdays they have Whiskey and Wings for $4.00, and on Saturdays, Vodka Rockstars for $4.00.

Schultz said her favorite cocktail to make is the Kamikaze Shot, but only at work. When she’s not slinging booze at Stubbies, she enjoys whiskey, Sprite and a little lime juice. Which leads me to my final point.

Gentlemen, ladies. Students drink beer and shots. Professionals drink whiskey, and you, Schultz (and my hat is off), are a professional. You can serve me a drink any day. Be it Pendleton or Redbreast 12 Year Old single pot still, find yourself a professional. Here’s to you, Stubblefields, and Schultz. Cheers to you.