Barley Harvest Day showcases local brewing for Palouse community

Joseph’s Grainery hopes to add family charm to annual event



Joel Williamson of LINC Malt, left, and William Joseph Myers of Joseph’s Grainery work together to provide the community with locally-grown grains. The grainery prides itself on being family-owned and operated.

MAGGIE QUINLAN, Evergreen reporter

Joseph’s Grainery will host its third annual Baronesse Barley Harvest Day tomorrow. During the celebration, guests will enjoy free brews, spirits, and snacks made with Baronesse Barley, all while standing in the field where the grains grew.

From the location just outside Colfax, partygoers will listen to local band Tone Sober overlooking the golden hills of the Palouse while the crew at Joseph’s Grainery harvests the new crop.

Taking a break from harvest work, Bill Myers, head of Joseph’s Grainery, will join guests to taste the fruits of his labor.

Kelli Collins, Bill Myers’ daughter and member of the family-owned and operated business, said the event will connect guests, growers and brewers to the land.

“We wanted a way to tell our story,” Collins said. “A picture’s worth a thousand words, so what is an experience worth?”

The family has farmed wheat, barley and lentils outside of Colfax for five generations and over 70 years. The company was named after Myers’ father, Joseph. Today, the company is changing things up.

Collins said about 10 years ago, Joseph’s Grainery started milling its own grains and selling them directly to consumers.

Collins said the business took a turn after being contacted by a maltster in Spokane. Joseph’s Grainery started selling Baronesse Barley and other grains to Local Inland Northwest Cooperative (LINC) malts in Spokane, along with other brewers and distillers in the region.

Copperworks Distilling Co. out of Seattle, Heritage Distilling Co. out of Gig Harbor, Washington and Liquid Brands Distillery out of Spokane all use Baronesse Barley grown here on the Palouse. These companies will celebrate at this year’s Harvest Day by offering free drinks.

The family and crew at Joseph’s Grainery all said they have respect for the land and the crop it produces. They grow, clean, store, mill and package the grains themselves, with a focus on quality. The regional distilleries Joseph’s Grainery works with hold the same value for tradition and careful crafting.

Copperworks Distilling uses traditional copper pot and column stills for the best possible flavor. Liquid Brands Distillery is family-owned and operated, like Joseph’s Grainery. On their website, LINC Malt stated their mission is to “create connections between regional farmers and consumers across all of our business lines.”

Joseph’s Grainery coordinates heavily with the brewers and distillers it works with. Collins said the Harvest Day event not only gives locals an opportunity to feel the spirit of the companies involved, but also gives the companies opportunities to show their customers the fields where their grains grow.

“For the brewers and distillers, there’s a photo opportunity so they can incorporate that into their marketing material,” Collins said.

This year, the Baronesse Barley Harvest Day will also host a home brew competition, organized by Inland Brewers United. Guests can sample and vote on a winner, which will be featured at one of the breweries.

To experience the event yourself, you can RSVP on the Joseph’s Grainery website. Guests who RSVP will receive an email today with directions to the specific location of the party.