Sasquatch! survival guide: Do the festival weekend right

ALEX SIDDONS | Evergreen columnist

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The Sasquatch! music festival can be a magical three days, but without the right preparations it can be a stressful weekend. So, if you’re one of the many people who will flock to the Gorge on Friday, take a second to read these tips from a seasoned festival-goer. And don’t forget to check the festival website for a lengthy list of do’s and don’ts.

Wear the right things

Those heels might look super cute with your high-waisted denim cut-offs and floral crop top, but the scarcity of paved paths and flat land will turn them into your worst nightmare. Hiking or running shoes are your most comfortable options.

Sunglasses and/or a hat that provides adequate shade are also essential. It tends to get a bit colder at night, so throw a light jacket in your backpack for the later shows.

Any item of clothing that serves no purpose other than ‘to look cool’ (especially any form of cultural appropriation, like, you know, a Native American headdress) should be left at home. This isn’t Coachella.

Do the right things, too

The golden rule of treating others as you want to be treated applies now more than ever. You’ll be in close quarters with others for three days, so treat your campsite neighbors with respect; they’ll likely do the same.

Once inside the venue, don’t shove to the front because you think ‘This is literally my favorite band, and if I’m not up front for Pumped Up Kicks, I will literally die.’ If you love a band, plan in advance and attend the band or two that precede it on stage.

Leave your phone at the campsite, locked in the car. It can only distract you and everyone around you from the experience.

Make wise decisions

Recreational drugs are common at music festivals, and it would be ignorant to think otherwise. As an adult you must decide whether something – legal or otherwise – is worth putting in your body. Just don’t allow yourself to be pressured out of your comfort zone.

If you do choose to take something, at least know the risks and take precautions accordingly. If the drug drains you of water, for instance, you might want to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Don’t try to sneak anything into the venue. It’s not worth it. Stay with your friends and provide a support group for one another. Do what you want, but, please, be smart about it.

And last but not least, enjoy the music

As a general rule, Sasquatch! talent is great at night but generally hit-or-miss during the day. You will make your best discoveries at the Bigfoot and Yeti stages. Have an idea of what you want to see, but don’t feel bad about spontaneously hopping from one stage to the next.

On Friday the Seattle group The Physics will perform its jazzy, sun-drenched brand of hip-hop, which is just what you’ll need to start the festival off right.

Later, you won’t want to miss Chance The Rapper, Phantogram, Sam Lachow, Raz Simone, and Mogwai, but it will be a tight squeeze to see them all. Slotted to end the night is the legendary Atlanta duo Outkast.

Start early on Saturday with the raw garage rock of Deap Valley, followed by the Portland dream-pop group Radiation City. That night there will be a trio of great (although diverse) shows going on at the same time: the chill Washed Out, sad-trap with Ryan Hemsworth, and brutal black-metal group Deafheaven.

Unless you enjoy tongue-in-cheek misogyny and angsty skater kids in five-panel hats, Tyler, The Creator is probably a performance you want to avoid.

Sunday will be all about girl power, so make sure to catch Tacocat, La Luz, tUnE-yArDs, The Flavr Blue, and Fly Moon Royalty. Pay special attention to Banks, whose brand of down-tempo electronic pop is set to blow up later this year with the release of her first full length album, “Goddess.”

Waxahatchee is another must-see that might move you to tears with Katie Crutchfield’s emotive storytelling. Later that night Tycho will relax you just before Gesaffelstein’s techno mastery brings an end to your Sasquatch! adventure.