Pups and Cups now reopened

Grand reopening Friday featured new bar, hosted students, pets



Three year-old Nala, a 145 pound Newfoundland, lays on the floor looking up at a customer at downtown Pullman at Pups and Cups on Friday. Nala was adopted by the owner of the cafe, C.J. Robert, and eats 10 cups of food per meal.

SAM SCHMITKE, Evergreen reporter

As of today, Pups and Cups Café has reopened to include their beer and wine bar. Owner CJ Robert and General Manager Steven Mislosky said they have been anticipating the reopening of Pups and Cups.

“Will there be a line?” Robert asked. “Will we get more publicity? Will we be the new hang out spot?”

Dorothy Tabares is a junior studying wildlife ecology and owns Skippy, a cattle dog mix. Tabares said she frequents the cafe with friends, and that the bar addition is a plus.

Darien McLaughlin, a senior majoring in zoology and owner of Yuki the German shepherd mix, said that she loves Pups and Cups.

“I love that other dog-lovers like myself can come and not have to ask why my dog is shy,” McLaughlin said. “I love that in the morning I can get coffee and when night rolls around I get wine.”

Benjamin Short, a junior studying psychology, said he enjoys his time hanging out with friends and pooches at the coffee shop.

Lindsey Whitman, a stay at home mom and dog mom of cocoa the mini dachshund, said she was excited for the changes.

“I love that they have later hours and serve alcohol now,” Whitman said. “It means that I have more reason to come here.”

If you want to drink some coffee, a pot of tea, or wine and dinner at the reworked business, Pups and Cups is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday, located at 317 E Main St.


(This story has been updated to include the address.)