Comic writer, artist to teach one credit guest class

Students will create collaborative comic, develop writing, art



Mita Mahato will teach students to combine art and words for unique presentation.

SAM SCHMITKE, Evergreen reporter

Mita Mahato, artist and associate professor of English at the University of Puget Sound, will come to WSU for the Visiting Writer Series this week to teach a three-day workshop titled “Material Comics.”

“I had visited WSU a couple years ago as a part of the comics exhibit and the museum and had such a great time,” Mahato said.

She said she is very excited to make the trip back to WSU. She is also looking forward to working with Cougs in the community.

Mahato will lead a one-credit student workshop each evening and give a major presentation at the Museum of Art on Valentine’s Day. The credit will count as a pass or fail.

The workshops will include drawing, collaging and collaborating.

“The activities will help us consider the materials that go into making comics and help us approach the world with a new perspective,” Mahato said.

Her presentation at 3 p.m. Thursday will feature a reading of her work and a class visit. Mahato has taught other workshops and said they each had their own rewards and benefits.

“I enjoy seeing how different students and their different backgrounds bring different ideas to the table,” Mahato said. “Comics is such a versatile medium and I love watching people come at it with their own unique visions.”

Mahato said she is most excited for the final workshop. She wants students to be able to express themselves through art and the love of English.

“I’m planning on having the students make a giant, experimental and collaborative comic,” Mahato said. “It should be a lot of fun.”

Mahato wants students to understand and appreciate the medium of a comic to show that it isn’t all about the reading aspect, but also the art appreciation.

“I just hope the snow stops long enough for the visit to happen,” Mahato said.

The workshop will take place 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Wednesday through Frida in the Bundy Reading Room at Avery Hall.