Moscow Pre Fort music festival begins tomorrow

Bands will return to Humble Burger, cafe to inspire students

Bud Wilson, lead singer of the band Aan, says he’s excited to perform for Pre Fort for the second time.


Bud Wilson, lead singer of the band Aan, says he’s excited to perform for Pre Fort for the second time.

SAM SCHMITKE, Evergreen reporter

Humble Burger, One World Cafe and The Bayou in Moscow will host bands for Moscow’s second annual music fest Tuesday and Wednesday.

This event will feature bands including Aan and Meddling.

Bud Wilson, the lead singer, composer and guitar player of Aan, said he is excited to be a part of this event for the second time.

“I’m really excited to just play,” Wilson said.

Joe Marsh, guitar player, singer and composer in Meddling, said he plays with friends Seth and Ethan Stevenson.

“The band was inspired and built on the joy of playing with one another,” Marsh said. “For me, it is a way to artistically grow, create and heal.”

Nathan Baumgartner, singer and guitar player of the band And And And, said he is excited to play some of the band’s older songs.

“These are older songs that we haven’t really played in years that we decided to dust off for the trip to Treefort,” Baumgartner said. “It has been really fun revisiting older material.”

Wilson said he is most excited to share some of the songs from the band’s new album, which comes out in May.

“The music for this album will be one that hits you close to home,” he said.

Wilson said he likes to play off the feelings of the audience at that moment. He said the music on this new album is all over the place emotionally.

Baumgartner said he was excited to introduce their music to people who never heard them play before or heard the band live.

“As a band, your goal is to get into as many new ears as possible,” Baumgartner said. “It’s always fun to play to old friends in Portland, but playing to new faces, especially college towns with young people who are still stoked on discovering music, is always exciting and humbling.”

Marsh said that his band went to the event last year but weren’t fully a band yet.

“We really enjoy listening to the other bands,” Marsh said. “You can be inspired by the other music being played.”

Marsh said band members Seth and Ethan Stevenson will also perform with their brother Gabe in the band Help Yourself.

“They seriously rule,” Marsh said. “They are also going to be playing at the fest.”

Wilson said he is also excited to go back to Moscow for the fest for a personal reason.

“I am a [University of Idaho] alumni, and I love to come back and walk around campus and visit some old places and friends,” Wilson said.

According to the Facebook event page the bands that will be featured include Maita, And And And, Aan, Help, Weep Wave, Mise, Nevada Sowle, Meddling, Hallowed Oak, Help Yourself and Son Locust.

The fest will be held at Humble Burger on Tuesday and Wednesday from 9-11:30 p.m.

Humble Burger is located at 102 N Main Street in Moscow.