The support in my life


Thank you for spending a portion of the past 20 years of your life to help provide me with the opportunity to study journalism at WSU and write for this publication.

For every article I write, newspaper I edit, or social media post I craft, you’re always my biggest fan. Regardless of my thoughts on the quality of my work or how members of an audience of an audience perceive it, I know you’ll always enjoy and share it with others.

Not many college students are fortunate enough to have a backbone of support six hours away from home as they pursue an ambition that is entirely their own. 

As much as I like to take pride in the strides I have made to further my career and in seeing my extracurricular involvement deepen through hard work, a portion of it belongs to you. Without your encouragement and unconditional support over the years, who knows what career path I would have chosen. 

Hopefully, in the not too distant future, it will all come full circle, and I can thank you once more. 

Love, Brady