An inspiration to all


By putting others before herself, no one has been a bigger inspiration to me than my mother, Julie Siefkes.

My mom, a librarian at Creekside Elementary School, has made it her mission to do what she can to better the community.

Six years ago, my mom helped start the Angel Program at Issaquah High School, which donates clothing and food, raises money for scholarships and to pay for extracurricular activity fees and other basic necessities for students in need.

The success of the program encouraged Skyline, Eastlake and Liberty High School to also start the program. My mom helped train volunteers so that they would be able to carry out the program.

Julie’s hard work with the Angel Program earned her a SAMMI Award in 2016, a local award for her volunteer service.

In Julie’s spare time, she leads a Girl Scout troop, which she has done for 10-plus years. She enjoys empowering young women to become leaders in the community.

Every year, my mom takes her Troop to participate in the Sammamish Relay for Life, an event she has not missed for over a decade.

Aside from being involved in the community, my mom is the most loving mom to my sisters, Erica and Claire, and I. Even as a senior here at WSU, I still receive care packages, including a recent Opening Day package filled with sunflower seeds, bubble gum and Cracker Jacks because she knows how excited I get for baseball season to be back (go Mariners).

While I have grown pretty used to the lifestyle of being on my own, my mom is always eager to check up on me to see how I am doing. I may not call her as much as she would probably like, but I know she will always be in my corner if I need someone to talk to.

My mom’s kind-hearted and warm personality makes her an easy person to talk to, and she loves meeting new people. She is always the first to offer to make someone dinner when a family tragedy happens and always checks up on that person to make sure they know there is someone looking out for them.

Thanks for being such a loving and inspiring person, Mom. In a world that can be a dark place, you’re always there to lighten it up. Lets have ourselves a great last Mom’s Weekend.