So many jokes shared


When I was a little girl, I could have easily won the award for “most headstrong and passive-aggressive child ever.” My mom was often the one who would have to try to bend my iron will, and on many occasions, she fell victim to my fiery rage.

One time, she threw out a stale Nutella sandwich I had made to take to school and had forgotten. I was so angry I decided to exact revenge by throwing out the lunch she had packed to bring to work.

My mom never raised her voice, no matter what I did or how frustrating I got. She always used these moments to teach me and help me grow. Thanks to her, I’ve become a more accepting and cooperative human being.

Despite all my mom has done for me, there are many things I have neglected to thank her for. It’s far past time I say thank you for just a few of these things.

Thanks for not swapping me with another baby at the hospital. Unless you did, in which case, thanks for choosing me.

Thanks for all the cats you let me keep over the years, and thanks for not making me repay you (yet) for the various items they destroyed.

Thanks for letting me keep your Led Zeppelin and Fleetwood Mac albums, even after you told me not to take them.

Thanks for forgiving me when I backed the minivan into a pole … twice (sorry about that).

Thanks for being patient with me when I was being extremely stubborn.

Thanks for understanding when I needed time to sort things out.

Thanks for taking me to see Paul McCartney. Best. Day. EVER.

Thanks for making me laugh, especially when I needed it most.

Thanks for taking your time to teach me something when I struggled with it. In return, I’ll take time with you when you have problems with your iPad. And phone. And computer. And car radio.

Thanks for not getting angry when I told everyone who reads this newspaper that you struggle with electronics.

Thanks for tolerating my bad jokes. So sorry you have to deal with Dad’s puns and mine.

Thanks for paying for my college education, I really appreciate it.

Most of all, thanks for being the awesome mom you are. I love you and I’ll try my hardest not to throw out your lunch again.