The heart grows fonder


Mama Peg,

Thank you for always being on my team. No matter what conflict arises, you are always there to step up to bat for me. While part of this could be due to the thrill of pissing people off, it’s nice to know that someone always has my back. We are both a little crazy, so it’s a blessing to have someone who understands my internal insanity.

Thank you for always making me laugh. From your New England accent to your spontaneous karaoke after a few glasses of Pinot Grigio, you never fail to entertain. In ways that I am lacking, you’re such a people-person and you never hesitate to open your home to friends. Your passion for hosting the party has always made my friends comfortable in our house, and you will absolutely always be the “Cool Mom.”

Thank you for teaching me how to take care of myself. While we both know physical appearance is not the most important part of ourselves, I would seriously look like a gremlin without your helpful, but not always asked for, advice. Teaching me to start every morning with a hot shower has truly paid off in these demanding college years. My learned morning ritual has taught my body that a shower means it’s time to start the day and helps me to be alert and attentive in my 9 a.m. classes. Plus, once I shower and my face is made, I have the confidence to face any stressor that enters my day.

Thank you for teaching me how to have a good time. With a generally anxious mind, fun activities can often fall by the way side and be replaced with stress. Your spunky attitude helps me remember not to take myself so seriously, because we only live once, after all.

Thank you for teaching me to have a big heart. If anything, you have taught me to give others the benefit of the doubt and to embrace the flaws of others to help them improve. This has been helpful to me in both my personal and professional lives. You’re great at seeing the potential in everyone, and this has made me more open-minded to differences and change.

Thank you for always loving me, no matter how far away I am or how much I intentionally push your buttons.