Zeppoz bowling alley overhauls late night grill

Remodel makes spot separate from bowling area, changes business



Tyler Frei, bar manager at Zeppoz, discusses goals in the new restaurant Sunday.

ZACH GOFF, Evergreen reporter

Zeppoz, which houses a restaurant, bowling alley, casino and arcade, renovated its restaurant over the summer.

The kitchen is open until 2 a.m., which makes it one of Pullman’s only spots to offer late-night food.

The new eating area has a different character that looks more like a stand-alone restaurant.

Owner Chris Nash has been a part of the business since it opened in 2000. Since then he has seen the evolution of the building and its improvements.

“We felt the place needed to be updated and given a fresh new look to make it feel more like a restaurant,” Nash said.

The late night menu, served after 10 p.m., features selected breakfast items and sandwiches that suit college students’ tastes. Zeppoz aims to entice a wide range of patrons with its various activities.

“It ranges in age from young kids to 90-year-old people or higher,” Nash said. “We wanted to make the restaurant stand out as a place where people can come eat and not necessarily bowl or go to the casino … [it’s a] destination.”

Tyler Frei, bar and restaurant manager, has worked at Zeppoz since 2007 and said that the people are what makes the company so special.

“It’s a fun environment because we are multifaceted with the casino and the bowling leagues and restaurant and arcade,” Frei said. “It keeps it interesting.”

One of the major challenges of making the restaurant feel separate from the bowling alley is all the noise that the sport makes. So during the renovation, they put in a wall that blocks the majority of playing noise and gives the restaurant some isolation from the rest of the building, Nash said.

Zeppoz has been a staple of the community since its opening but they are now focusing on revamping the restaurant to welcome in a new rush of customers. They serve American comfort food.

“We provide something a little different, our pull is that we break the mold of bowling food,” Frei said. “People are surprised when they come here and find quality food.”

They will update the menu in the coming weeks, Nash said. He hopes the business will grow so Zeppoz can hold more events, and possibly begin outside catering.

Zeppoz is located at 780 Bishop Blvd in Pullman. The restaurant is open from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. daily and serves breakfast all day.