KZUU to host house show tomorrow

WSU-based bands will perform in rented space in first concert to launch tradition of station hosted events



“This is kind of the first experiment,” next semester’s KZUU general manager Sovann Robinson says. “Next year we’ll play with it, see what works and what doesn’t, but for sure this will be a recurring thing.”

ALANA LACKNER, Evergreen managing editor

Student-run radio station KZUU will fill a local house with music Saturday night as part of an event that will include four bands from the area.

The house show will be the first of its kind. “Friends of KZUU” held house shows in the past, but this will be the first one hosted by the radio station itself, said KZUU Co-general Manager Kari Jakobsen, a senior journalism and media production major.

“KZUU really thought it would be a great idea to get local artists,” Jakobsen said. “We have such great local talent, and we want to showcase that.”

Seiji Furukawa, an acoustic artist, will be opening, Jakobsen said. Next, rap trio ABF Worldwide will perform, followed by two multifaceted bands that Jakobsen said didn’t fit into just one genre: North Paw and NUU WAVE.

Jakobsen said the house show wasn’t originally focused on local bands.

“We were just brainstorming a ton of bands from Seattle, Spokane, Boise, Portland, all around the Pacific Northwest,” she said. “But … there were so many people suggesting bands from Pullman or Moscow. Well, why not keep it local?”

Jakobsen said the idea for the house show came up about a month ago. It was an event she wanted to put on since she joined KZUU, but with graduation looming a month away, she decided it had to happen now.

“It’s kind of [Jakobsen] and Anawae [Lippincott] — the current station managers — it’s their last big bang hurrah for their last semester,” said Sovann Robinson, a junior apparel, merchandising, design and textiles major, and future station manager for fall 2019.

Jakobsen said she is excited for the house show because, in part, she sees it as a chance for people to get involved in the local music scene.

“I think a lot of people, when they think of Pullman and Moscow, don’t think there’s a music scene going on, but there 100 percent is,” she said. “And if people just go out and seek it out, they can find some really cool artists, some really cool stuff going on. So this is just one of those opportunities.”

As next year’s station manager, Robinson is excited to put on more house shows in the future.

“This is kind of the first experiment,” Robinson said. “Next year, we’ll play with it, see what works and what doesn’t, but for sure this will be a recurring thing.”

Both Jakobsen and Robinson have high hopes for the house show and believe there will be a high turnout.

“We are all well aware of the popular marijuana holiday, and if you are looking for some live music that will definitely sound amazing while high, definitely come through,” Robinson said. “Just make sure to leave all substances at home.”

The house show will be located at 525 SE Jackson St. and will run from 8-11 p.m Saturday.

“Bring your friends. Bring your family. It’s going to be a good time,” Robinson said.