Workshop to train animals for crisis response

About 15 volunteer therapy animals will receive training, certification from HOPE AACR certification



HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response, a non-profit will offer a training for therapy animals this weekend in Pullman. The teams that will be trained give comfort to people in times of crisis or disaster.

CAMERON SHEPPARD, Evergreen reporter

HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response will host a three-day certification workshop for crisis-response therapy animals and team members this weekend in Pullman.

Renee Piper, an area coordinator for HOPE AACR, said the workshop is one of many across the country designed to give comprehensive training to therapy animals and their team members.

These teams are trained to give comfort and encouragement to people and communities following a crisis or disaster, Piper said.

She said about 15 therapy animal teams will receive training at the workshop and after completion, the teams will be certified members of HOPE AACR.

Piper said the workshop will be held at the fire station on 252 Whelan Road. HOPE AACR will work with the fire department as well as the Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport to train service animals and their team members as second responders in the wake of crisis or disaster.