Local authors come together to advise young writers



Mark Ready, religious fantasy fiction author, and adventure fiction author Guy Worthey sit at a table during the farmers’ market on Saturday outside BookPeople of Moscow.

REID BROWN, Evergreen reporter

The quaint, bustling interior of BookPeople of Moscow, nestled between the sweet-smelling cafes and throngs of people perusing the historic district’s Saturday market, is a hotspot for writers on the Palouse.

On Saturday, BookPeople co-hosted a book signing with Khaliela Wright, the president of the Palouse Writers Guild. The signing was organized to promote both new and experienced local authors in the surrounding area.

“We try to do a little something for everyone,” Wright said.

Some of WSU’s own were present at the event with their books displayed proudly. The authors’ advice to young writers is to be tenacious, curious and open-minded to the creative opportunities around them and to the story within themselves.

The Palouse Writers Guild will continue to work with BookPeople in the coming months to provide more opportunities to support writers of all skill levels.

The Pullman and Moscow communities should support students and other community members in pursuing their creative passions and encourage involvement with arts of some kind.

“You shouldn’t spend all day in the office. You should have a broad purview, so I always encourage people to have an outlet,” said Guy Worthey, published author and WSU associate professor of physics.

Worthey’s Ace Carroway series, which promotes messages of rationality and female empowerment, is a fulfilling way for him to balance his creativity between his astronomy lectures.

Worthey acknowledges the difficulty of feeling inadequate when first beginning any creative venture, but tells students to do it anyway.

“You’re not going to be Michelangelo at first, but you will learn the techniques,” Worthey said. “That’s the fabulous thing about art. There’s no wrong.”

No matter what interest someone might have in writing, BookPeople is a calming place to browse, engage with other writers and feel inspired to get started on that journey of developing creatively.

As self-published author Janet Richards said, “It’s hard work, but if you have a story to tell, it comes if you are open to it.”

BookPeople is located at 521 S. Main St., Moscow. More can be found about the authors on the Palouse Writers Guild website.