Club helps bring students together with food

Recently formed quesadilla club has themed monthly meeting to help members meet new people



Quesadilla club president Margaret Lipinsky discusses how she and her friends decided to start the club to help people make friends and find a less stressful environment on Tuesday afternoon at the CUB.

CAROLYNN CLAREY, Evergreen reporter and photojournalist

It was 10 freshmen, in the Olympia dorm lounge, with the … quesadilla? During the Week of Welcome festivities this year, this group of students got together for some food and games when founder and Quesadilla Club President Margaret Lipinsky and Secretary Walker Brooks got the idea to turn their friendly meetings into something more.

Brooks said the club hopes to provide a place to make friends, quesadillas and have a good time for students. As a freshman, it’s hard to put yourself out there and make friends, he said. This club is meant to create an environment where meeting new people is easier.

Lipinsky and Brooks understood that college life was stressful and that it was good to have an outlet for that. She compared the club to a puppy de-stressing session.

“We just wanna make it so that people have a nice environment,” Lipinsky said.

Lipinsky and the other members of the club are beginning to plan monthly themed meetings where they make specialty quesadillas. Some ideas they have are turkey or thanksgiving quesadillas for next month and Cougar Gold Cheese quesadillas for another day.

“We wanna make some bougie artisan quesadillas,” Brooks said.

The club had their first official meeting on Oct. 16 and they are in the works of planning more. They don’t know how often they are going to meet but they want to hold meetings during some of the more stressful times in school, like midterms and finals, Lipinsky said.

Quesadilla club has 35 members on its roster as of right now and they are currently recruiting more . People who are interested in joining can go to the club’s Cougsync page at People wanting to join pay a $5 member fee to join and there are no other requirements other than to show up.

“It’s a low-stress club,” Brooks said. “There are no requirements to join.”