U of I hosted alternatives to Halloween parties

Students solved puzzles in groups for first-ever ‘Escape the ISUB’



Patty Cady, owner of Puzzle IQ, discusses the goals of her company and how they help clients host escape room events, on Thursday at the Idaho Student Union Building in Moscow, ID.

EURUS THACH, Evergreen columnist

University of Idaho students had another option for celebrating Halloween this year.
Vandal Entertainment and Puzzle IQ company hosted “Escape the ISUB,” and provided a low-risk environment for students to solve puzzles on Halloween at the University of Idaho campus.
This is the first year of “Escape the ISUB.” There were three separate rooms with different themes: space, fortune teller and superhero, said James Trayford, Vandal Entertainment marketing and promotions coordinator.
The attendees had 15 minutes to crack the puzzles based on the available clues.
Last Halloween, Vandal Entertainment ran the first escape room on the U of I campus. It became popular, and the room was all booked, Trayford said. Vandal Entertainment decided to organize the official escape room event this year, he said.
“The whole motivation behind the hosting an event like this is to provide a free and safe environment for students during Halloween where they can go and have fun and have an experience that in a really low-risk environment,” Trayford said.
There are many students who are not interested in parties, said Hagen Hunsaker, the Vandal Entertainment signature events coordinator. This is an alternative for people to participate in rather than going to a college party or staying at home alone.
“It’s really good to bring people together that don’t know each other and allow them to work and solve the problem,” said Gillian Glivar, U of I sophomore medical science major.
“Escape the ISUB” is an event where everyone is welcome to crack puzzles, said Patty Cady, the owner of Puzzle IQ. She said that this event stood out from others since going to an escape room is not always the first thing people think of for entertainment.