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Dead week? Try ‘Scrambling-and-Stressing-For-Finals’ week.

Everyone goes through it, from freshmen in high school to seniors in college. Without a doubt, the week of final projects and exams includes some of the most stressful days of a student’s academic life.

One of the key components is to avoid procrastination or cramming. The fact of the matter is that cramming only works to a limited extent. Sure, a student could study everything the night before the exam and then get a B on the final, but that doesn’t mean it works for everyone. Devote an hour or a couple hours every day to take out studying materials and go over them. Even if the final isn’t for another week, preparing ahead of time will do wonders.

Another factor is location. Study better with music? Listen to a favorite song and connect what you hear to what you’re studying. Is the dorm too distracting? The library is a good friend right there next to the CUB for students in need of a quiet area to think.

Not only do students have to study for tests and finish final projects, but many students might still have to pack for the break and make arrangements to get home. Best advice: do it early. Print out tickets and vouchers and put them in a safe place where they’ll be easily found.

You don’t necessarily have to pack your entire bag two weeks before break. However, it never hurts to pack a few days before leaving.

There are many ways to go about studying, and oftentimes it will depend on the subject. Repeating a word or phrase in Japanese might make it stick in the skull, at least long enough for a world language final. However, repetition can also work in other subject areas when trying to remember important concepts.

If repetition doesn’t do a thing for you, try this: study a concept for its meaning rather than its definition. What does it mean to contract your muscles? Think about all those little parts that go with it and connect them with a single phrase. This can be especially helpful when learning vocabulary words for different classes.

Above all, students must remember that this isn’t just a time for studying. Too much stress can lead to lack of sleep or eating, which leads to starting off the winter break with a pesky cold. So take some time away from studying. Maybe even away from campus. Go shopping, see a movie or go out with friends. Even taking time just doing something enjoyable at home will make the next two weeks seem a little less hectic.

As long as there’s a balance between study time and play time, WSU students will be ready to tackle their finals head-on.

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Prepping for the end