OPINION: Get virtually involved on campus

Despite coronavirus, there are many opportunities for students to get involved with campus activities



There are many different ways to stay active and involved on campus, even during a pandemic.

Being involved in Pullman during a pandemic can seem to be very limited when it comes to engaging with other students. However, WSU still provides various options and opportunities for our fellow WSU students to remain engaged.

“I think that if I was living on campus, I would try to get involved with groups of students who maybe do clubs online,” said Madelyn Butcher, sophomore hospitality business management major.

Butcher said being involved in online clubs will help with social distancing and will be an opportunity to make friends, which are some of the reasons why he joined the Society for Human Resource Management club.

“I joined the club to see kind of what it’s about and to get a better idea if that’s something that I would want to do and add on to my studies,” Butcher said.

Being in clubs helps students explore their opinions as they are searching for their career of interest to find what they are truly passionate about. I joined various clubs as a freshman, from the photography club to the art club and the English club. I even joined events such as the WSU Visiting Writers Series, which can be watched live on YouTube. There are various activities such as virtual cooking nights and virtual art nights that can be enjoyed safely online.

“I definitely think that people should be getting involved,” said Jilian Hutchison, junior criminal justice and criminology and English double major.

Hutchison said there are a lot of opportunities that allow students to be involved such as clubs, Greek and multicultural Greek life. Hutchison is currently in the Pre-Law Society. She said it is really beneficial for her, as a first-generation student, who also plans to apply to law school.

“It’s been giving me a route to talk about like the LSAT and studying for the LSAT and what the actual admission process looks like,” Hutchison said.

Hutchison is also a senator for ASWSU, which gives her an opportunity to help write bills, by-laws and bring forth resolutions.

“I’m lucky to be a part of it,” Hutchison said.

There are many clubs and organizations in WSU that can help students excel in their careers. Additionally, our recreational center is continuing its fitness courses as well as their intramural sports. Students can even participate in intramural sports for free. Masks are required at all times in order to follow the COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Despite the situation we are currently in, I encourage WSU students to reach out and get involved. Take part in club activities that will help get out of your comfort zone, join programs to help you get prepared for the workforce, or join extracurricular activities to make connections.

Our success is determined by our actions, so do not be afraid to step out and explore how you could be involved on campus or remotely with the activities WSU provides.