OPINION: Satire: Take an early morning class

There are many unsung benefits of 8 a.m. classes, from an early morning routine to smaller class sizes; students should take one



Sure, 8 a.m. classes are early, but think of all the unsung morning benefits.


As the fall semester comes to a close, more and more students are rushing to enroll in the classes they need to take next semester.

For many classes, there are multiple sections to sign up for with different instructors and times to pick from. Many students prefer to choose a time that fits best for their schedule. Countless students agree more classes should start as early as humanly, and probably legally, as possible.

Carla Glitter, a student who draws stick figures at 8 a.m. three times a week, said the earlier class starts, the better it is.

“Who doesn’t want to get up at the crack of dawn after staying up until eight watching Wheel of Fortune?” Glitter said. “I legit have like no life, or that’s at least what others say.”

Critics assume college students spend their time either in class, doing homework or studying. Students do absolutely nothing else because college is a full-time job. Therefore, there should not be a problem for such early class times, assuming everyone gets the recommended amount of shut-eye.

An average college student would take two or three classes every day. Of course, there will be homework or some sort of project to keep them busy. However, they should complete it as quickly as possible without necessarily comprehending the content and not participating in any other school activities. That way, they should not have to stay up past midnight and will have more than enough time to make it to an early morning class.

I am sure many college students have a set sleep schedule for getting as many hours as possible, and many scientists who study sleep for a living recommend young adults get as much sleep as possible. There have been many disagreements over the years because of evidence showing it may not be in the best interest for students to start classes so early in the morning.

However, many college students practice unhealthy habits anyway. All we know is eat ramen, drink caffeinated energy drinks and binge-watch whatever new show came out on Netflix during the past week.

Because classes are currently being taught online, many students do not even have to get out of bed. They can turn on their computer and act like they are paying attention as they continue to “rest their eyes.”

If classes ever return to being in person, early classes won’t ever be full.The only downside is there may be a few people who managed to show up to class that day who are snoring in the back or watching the latest rom-com, instead of paying attention.

The current problem is there are not enough classes that start early in the morning. It is because there are classes that are scheduled later in the morning and in the afternoon. Students are more attracted to those times for some ridiculous reason.

More morning classes should be available because every student deserves to know about the magnificent and life-changing experience.