Ask Life: How do I stay productive over the summer?

Ideas for keeping yourself busy with so much free time



Getting cozy with a book is a great way to spend your time.

ALAINN FITZGERALD, Evergreen reporter

Dear Life Section,

As much as I love summer, I always feel like I am wasting my time by doing nothing all day. I just do not want to feel so unproductive. How do I stay productive over the summer?


Bored Student


Dear Bored Student,

With classes being over, finding something to take up all your free time can be really difficult, especially when trying to find something that feels beneficial.

A few things to consider when deciding what to do during your free time are de-cluttering or organizing, working, exercising, starting a new hobby or skill and even preparing for the next semester of classes.

De-cluttering or organizing your space can mean several different things.

One way to start is by going through all your things — in other words, figuring out what you do or do not need anymore.

For example, a big space-taker can often be clothes. Going through the clothes that you wear and do not wear can save a whole bunch of space. You can do this by either reselling your clothes online or even donating them to your local thrift stores.

With that step comes organizing everything else you still have. Once you complete that, you can begin cleaning your space and then place your belongings in their new spots.

Make sure not to place all your neatly organized things into a dusty drawer or cupboard.

Want to make some money or cash over the summer? Finding a part-time job to take up some of your free time will not only help you feel productive but will also help you gain experience and money in the process.

Due to people taking vacations or even moving, a lot of establishments look for summer workers. Checking online applications on Handshake or LinkedIn for job opportunities may be something to think about.

An obvious option for being productive during your summer is by exercising or maintaining a workout routine. This may seem a bit challenging or scary, but there are plenty of ways to get started with your fitness journey.

For example, there are plenty of YouTube videos for beginners wanting to get into working out.

Look at your local gyms. A lot of gyms have free summer memberships you can use. Planet Fitness has a program where teens can go to their gyms for free all summer long.

You could even start going with a friend or two for extra support in either your continuing journey or the beginning of it.

Consider starting a new hobby or skill. For example, if you have always wanted to learn how to play an instrument, there are plenty of videos on YouTube to get you started.

Do not be afraid to try something new, but also do not be shy to continue an old hobby. If you love reading but barely get the time to do it because of school, pick up an old or new book and get cozy.

Once summer is over, the stress of school begins again. However, this stress can be lessened through any planning you may do over the summer. An example of this can be setting up your weekly schedule or your calendar, whether that be online or physical.

The summer will fly by before you know it, but no one likes feeling unproductive during it. So, we wish you the best in finding the best way to spend it.


The Life Section