Ask Life: How do I get ready for New Coug Orientation?

Reduce your fears and worries about NCO



Incoming students browse organization tables at a fair in the Compton Union Building as part of orientation in the past.

ALAINN FITZGERALD, Evergreen reporter

Dear Life Section,

I am an incoming freshman and have my New Coug Orientation at WSU Pullman coming up. I have no idea how to prepare or what to do for it. How do I get ready for New Coug Orientation?


Incoming Freshman


Dear Incoming Freshman,

New Coug Orientation can seem very intimidating at first, but it really is not so bad once you learn what to pack and what you will be doing.

To decide on what to bring for your orientation, be sure to check what will already be provided to you and what the weather will be like during it.

This is to ensure you do not over-pack or under-pack.

However, it is also important to note that what will be provided to you may not be the best quality.

For example, a blanket will be provided in the dorm you stay in, but it is the thinnest and smallest blanket you will ever see. Prepare to pack a light blanket that is comfortable but not too heavy, as it may get warm in the dorms; several dorms do not have air conditioning.

The same thing can be presumed for other things such as pillows, pillowcases, towels, etc.

For NCO, you will have a detailed schedule. The app Presence will be your way of accessing it.

Presence will be your guide throughout all of NCO. Your Orientation Counselor will show you how to use it. It is also a great resource throughout your time at WSU, as it shows current events on campus. You can also view your schedule in advance online. Let’s just say to be prepared to wake up early and walk a lot.

NCO is most likely your first time staying on campus and experiencing college life, so it is completely understandable if you feel very overwhelmed and anxious.

Do not fret! There are a few ways to help reduce any of these feelings.

A huge concern for many is having to use communal bathrooms, specifically showers. It can seem so very scary showering in a stall, but remembering you are not alone in these feelings helps so much.

Others are going through the same thing and will not do what they would not want anyone else to do to them either. Embrace the awkwardness.

Having a random roommate for a few days can also seem intimidating. However, there is still no need to worry.

The worst-case scenarios have solutions.

For example, if you do not get along, you can arrange accommodations to either be moved to a different room with a different person or to stay somewhere else entirely, such as with the people who took you to orientation.

WSU Pullman is a huge campus. It has so many different parts and routes that can feel so confusing at times, but there are a few different ways of battling it.

For one, using your basic online maps (such as Google Maps or Apple Maps) can help you relocate and find where you need to go.

You are also provided with a map in your NCO folder that you receive at the beginning of entering your assigned dorm.

One final thing to note is that Cougs help Cougs! We are here for you during this time of stress and anxiety.

You do not have to go through it on your own.


The Life Section