Ask Life: How do I get involved with the outdoors?

Parks, trails on Palouse good start for tapping in to nature side



Start spending your summer outside.


Dear Life Section,

With the weather getting warmer and it being summer and all, I have been meaning to tap into the nature side of my personality, but I am not sure where to start or where to go.

I would love to get out and see some parks and explore some trails, but I do not know how to get started. How do I get involved with the nature aspect of Pullman?


Stuck at Home


Dear Stuck at Home,

The Palouse area has so many parks, trails and more for you to check out, whether by yourself or with some friends.

There are a few parks including Sunnyside and Reaney Park, with playgrounds and beautiful views. But, if you are hoping to find a park with trails to walk around in and explore, Sunnyside has those as well.

Other parks that offer trails alongside a park aspect include Kreugel, Woodcraft, Mary’s and Spring Street Parks.

Bill Chapman Trailhead is specifically meant for hiking, so if you are looking for something slightly more intense than a walk in the park, I would recommend that trail.

If you want to get farther out of town, one option is Palouse Falls, where you can find a waterfall and an amazing view about an hour and a half outside of Pullman.

Another option, if you are looking for something wet, is the Dunes for a river day with some friends about 45 minutes outside of Pullman.

I hope this helps, and enjoy your time exploring what Pullman nature has to offer!


The Life Section