Picking up more than just a one night stand: dos and don’ts

Abby Student

Some romances begin with the “you had me at hello” moment, and then there are those that require a few more words.

It’s no secret that pickup lines appeal to our sense of humor, and the resulting laughter is what gets the foot in the door for a deeper conversation.

Interestingly enough and according to a recent study from the University of Edinburgh, men find it difficult to gauge how women will respond to certain types of “picking up.” The study revealed “men can’t guess how well humor and sexual innuendo will go over with women.”

Men often think that being upfront about their sexual motives will come off as endearingly honest and bold; however, women reported in the study that overconfidence is a turn-off. They claimed that humor, even the cheesy variety, works better than the overly sexual alternative.

Lisa Daily, dating expert and author of “Stop Getting Dumped!”, said in a Men’s Health article that “being funny ‘gives’ women something, while sexual innuendo implies you want to ‘get’ something from women.”

If you’re not naturally funny, obviously don’t go the humor route; your style should fit your personality.

Ultimately, the best strategy is no pickup lines. Women respond better to expressions of genuine interest than to showboating.

In terms of picking up men, the approach shouldn’t be much different.

Men don’t appreciate lewd humor either, according to a study conducted by Bucknell University. However, they do value directness much more so than women.

Men responded better to receiving a phone number, or being asked out in an opening line than their female counterparts. Direct statements counteract the ambiguity of body language, which men often struggle to read.

Even though pickup lines are rarely used and cheesy in nature, the right one on the right person could be the beginning of a relationship or, at the very least, friendship.

My advice: keep something in mind for when you’re feeling daring.

Hopefully I am not your great, white beacon of hope; please understand that the advice in this column is a suggestion and it’s up to you to use it or not. Use your own judgment before making any decisions and understand that The Daily Evergreen and its staff are not liable for any results based on following the advice of this column.

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