Where to get a meal that tastes like home in Pullman

Beyond local favorites, there are hidden gems waiting to be found



Minh’s Restaurant, on the corner of Stadium Way and Grand Avenue, offers a wide variety of Asian cuisine at reasonable prices for the average college student.

CHLOE GRUNDMEIER, Evergreen reporter

Moving away for college means you’re taken away from your mom’s home-cooked meals, your freezer stocked full of frozen delights and your favorite hometown restaurants.

Being launched into a new place doesn’t help either — you don’t know the trendy spots and the diamonds in the rough.

Dorm life is made easier by the dining halls, markets and coffee and snack shops littered around campus. However, many students fall into a rut and eat cereal, pasta and pizza every day. Finding a local restaurant to mix up this routine can make eating food enjoyable rather than a chore.

Those of us who’ve been in Pullman for an extended period of time know the wonders of South Fork Public House, Cougar Country Drive In and The Old European Restaurant.

South Fork’s extensive menu of bar food and the best mac and cheese in town make it a treat for freshmen who can get a ride to the other side of town.

Cougar Country offers thick and delicious shakes and regular dollar burger nights which help to make it a favorite restaurant within walking distance of campus.

Aebleskivers, also known as pancake puffs, fill the dining room at The Old European, making it a staple breakfast spot in town.

However, don’t overlook the smaller, lesser known restaurants Pullman has to offer, many of which are right near campus.

Minh’s Restaurant serves a number of Asian cuisines and is right on the corner of Stadium Way and Grand Avenue. Many overlook it because its storefront is small in comparison to Pizza Hut and Golden Teriyaki right around the corner.

Its small demeanor, however, does not translate to its menu size. With a menu full of authentic Asian cuisine and large portion sizes at reasonable prices, Minh’s is a great option for students, and as an added bonus it’s rarely full on a busy Pullman weekend.

Another great Asian food option is Azia, a primarily Vietnamese restaurant, located on Merman Drive right between the Cougs Corner Mart and the ZZU Bar and Grill. It is the perfect location for anyone living in apartment land.

Foundry Kitchen and Cocktails offers parents who come to visit a more classic option that features wine and food. Located in downtown Pullman on Spring Street, Foundry has a delicious list of starters, a wide range of dishes and a massive wine and spirits list.

Pullman is home to many other local restaurants with dozens of options for college students. Explore the area and you might be surprised when you find a new favorite dish.