Coffee shop to host Harry Potter party

Competitions, songs, butterbeer made in house to please fans



Steven Mislowsky, organizer of the event, says this will be the Tri-Wizard Tournament’s first year at Pups and Cups.

SAM SCHMITKE, Evergreen reporter

Pups and Cups Cafe will hold its third annual Tri-Wizard Tournament tomorrow, and owners welcome all to “Slyther-in” to the event.

The Harry Potter-themed event will feature a costume contest, trivia and house-made “butterbeer.”

Steven Mislosky, general manager of Pups and Cups Cafe, will run the event for the first time by himself. Pups and Cups will be the venue for the first time. The original location was at Rico’s.

“We will be having our own homemade butterbeer both from soda on tap or hot,” Mislosky said.

If you want to be sorted into a house, hear Harry Potter puns, listen to the sorting song and prove how much of a Harry Potter nerd you are, this could be your one shot this year.

The event used to be once a semester, Mislosky said. As of right now, organizers put on the event once a year, but that could change based on turnout.

“The owner and I are huge Harry Potter nerds,” Mislosky said. “It originally was just trivia, and now it is a three-event tournament.”

The Tri-Wizard event will also feature merchandise on sale. Mislosky said almost all of the merchandise is handmade.

The event is family-friendly but will only hold around 30-35 people, so you should be “Rowling” up to Pups and Cups early to grab your spot.

The Tri-Wizard Tournament event will be noon to 5 p.m. Saturday with a sorting ceremony half an hour beforehand. People can just walk in but seats will fill quickly. The cost is $15 per person, which covers a raffle and a 16-ounce drink.

Pups and Cups Cafe is located at 317 E. Main St., Pullman.