Bite of the Palouse: Minh’s Restaurant breaks into top three best restaurants

I am obsessed with this food



Minh’s Restaurant is one of the top three Pullman restaurants to visit

CARSON HOLLAND, Evergreen columnist

Minh’s has breached the top three.

I am a creature of food habits and my top three restaurants in Pullman have solidified throughout the year. I had tasted Minh’s a few years ago, but that was before taking on the burden of trying all the spots in Pullman, and my most recent trip to the restaurant was amazing.

There is no shortage of places to go to eat in Pullman, which caters to almost every food craving that you might have. Minh’s is no different, but it has a quality of food that has elevated it above its competitors and is now constantly on my mind.

I have been having to hold myself back from getting it multiple times a week.

This week, I am going to mix it up and start with the food because I am obsessed with it; there were so many good menu options, and I need to let you know just how tantalizingly tasty they really were. We can get to the boring logistical stuff afterward: that is, if you don’t drop your phone to go get some food immediately after. 

Due to our work schedules, my girlfriend, Emma, and I decided to go all out and celebrate Valentine’s Day early. We decided on getting a combo meal so that we could try as much of the menu as possible.

We started with an appetizer of B.B.Q. Pork Buns, an iced tea and a strawberry Ramune. Ordering a combo, we got a pot of white rice and three entrées to share: Spicy Garlic Pork, Mu Shu Chicken and Sweet and Sour Chicken.

It was an incredible spread of food, and it came out incredibly fast. The appetizer and the entrées had enough space to enjoy both, and enjoy them we did.

I love steamed pork buns, so much so that I have gone out of my way to try as many in Pullman as I possibly can. Minh’s are some of the best that I have had by far. Maybe they steamed it just right, maybe the stars aligned, but the bun was the perfect consistency of held-together but airy, and the meat was comforting and flavorful.

The entrées did not disappoint either, each bringing a unique taste to the meal yet complementing one another. My favorite was the Spicy Garlic Pork, though the Mu Shu Chicken and Sweet and Sour Chicken were close behind.

The pork was well seasoned, each bite a burst of flavor and taste. I found it hard sharing this one and could have easily had each of the entrées replaced by this gem, a wonderful mixture of savory and succulent. Though I could have kept eating, the success of the pork caused me to push onward to the other dishes.

Both of the chicken dishes were delicious in their own way, providing unique flavors. The sweet and sour chicken was an excellent addition, and its sauce soaked into the rice, only adding to my enjoyment. While the Mu Shu Chicken came in last among all of the options, it had a refreshing taste that really balanced out the other dishes.

I can, without shame, say that I have tried absolutely everything on the menu, so I consider myself a bit of an expert on it. I could fill entire books with my love of the Kalbi Beef Short Ribs or the Kalua Pig, but we are going to focus on the Mochiko Chicken and the Island Macaroni Salad today.

The serving size was perfect, and I mean perfect. When I go to restaurants and get a combo entrée, it is my goal to be filled up but still have leftovers. My girlfriend and I have had leftovers for a few days, and they have maintained their flavor.

The price not only reflected the serving sizes but also the quality of the food we received. In total, just above $60 included appetizers, three entrées, non-soda drinks for each of us and the tip. Generally speaking, you are looking at around a $20 meal.

For the food you are getting, this is a great deal. I am more than willing to make that exchange, more so than is healthy for my wallet.

And now we come to the logistics of this review. If you have made it this far without picking up your phone to order, I’ll include the directions to actually get you there.

Minh’s Restaurant is located on the corner of Stadium Way, right next to Jack in the Box and the former Dissmores. Parking can be a little tricky, so I would recommend going above the restaurant and making the short walk down to the front door, especially as the weather gets better.

The restaurant is open from 11 a.m. – 9:30 p.m. on weekdays and extends its hours to 10 p.m. on the weekends. You may want to call ahead if you are ordering this President’s Day as hours may change.

For service, they have curbside pickup, delivery and dine-in options. I would recommend dining in if you have the time, as the restaurant is welcoming and easy to stay in for hours just enjoying their food.

Minh’s Restaurant is a rare find in Pullman and one that I will be visiting again really soon. It has easily breached my top three and, with the way the menu is going, will likely keep climbing.

If you know of some food spots that I have not tried yet that you are just dying to brag about to your friends, let me know by emailing [email protected].