Bite of the Palouse: The Black Cypress deserves one of the top spots in Pullman

Just make sure your wallet is ready for your visit



I would go back in a heartbeat

CARSON HOLLAND, Evergreen columnist

Buckle in, this one did not disappoint.

I love food, and if this column has told me anything it’s that Pullman has a surprisingly amazing selection of spots to eat at. Over the years, I have tried a whole variety of restaurants, all with their own unique feel. Many restaurants have ended up with an article of their own. You might understand why, then, it is hard for me to actually declare a restaurant my favorite or even in the top three.

The Black Cypress made it a whole lot easier; it has earned the top spot.

I will admit that I went into the restaurant with some sizable expectations and reservations. From some recommendations that I have received here and from others in the community, I knew that The Black Cypress was on the fancier end of places I had been, and those types of restaurants are always a coin flip. But I was determined to have some good food and an open mind.

Before we get into the actual restaurant itself, it’s important to go over the logistics. Located in downtown Pullman right across from Rico’s and next to Etsy Bravo, parking for The Black Cypress is always a risk, so make sure to plan ahead or practice your parallel parking. Open six days a week, the restaurant’s hours are 5–9 p.m. with the exception of Friday and Saturday, when they close later at 10 p.m.

Be sure to make a reservation either over the phone or on their website.

Hoping to get the most out of the experience, my girlfriend and I treated ourselves to an appetizer, entrées, dessert and fancy cocktails. Including tip and tax, our outing totaled around $170, which proved very reasonable for the quality of food we received.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is fancy but approachable for those hoping to enjoy some good food. In the section we were seated in, you can see the very ingredients your food is made with, and the tables are spaced enough to feel private but not isolated. It was a pleasant atmosphere to enjoy some tasty food and great company.

Leafing through the menu was like a journey in itself, filled with delicious-sounding appetizers and entrées. Despite the more compact size, it is always a good sign when you have trouble choosing from lots of good choices rather than being hampered by uncertainty. For the appetizer, we settled on the Pork Souvlakia, our entrées Carbonara and a Wagyu New York steak, and finished the night with a brownie.

The service at The Black Cypress was incredible, almost the minute you thought of something the waitstaff would appear with whatever had just come to your head. Water — there, bread — there, and so on. I did appreciate that our server patiently answered any of the questions we had, making the ordering process comfortable and informative. The appetizers came out in short order, and the bread and entrées would soon follow with a pace that made sense and did not feel rushed.

I would not be doing the food justice unless I broke them down individually.

First the pork souvlakia, a skewered pork that came with a romaine slaw, tzatziki and pita. I remembered my high expectations and equally high reservations as I took the first bite. 

Oh. Dang.

The pork was cooked to perfection, highlighting the taste of both the meat and the sweetness of the fat. The pork could have stood on its own, but the pita, slaw and tzatziki elevated the dish. I could not help but want to order another one: a prospect that only made me ecstatic about the entrée to come.

Next up, a Wagyu New York Strip steak served with asparagus and pureed mashed potatoes, and a Carbonara with thick bites of bacon. 

Someone needs to stop them; the food can’t continue to be this good.

I have had some steak in my day. I could even make the claim that I have made some good steak. But the first bite of that New York was just as good as the last. Eat bite seemed to melt in your mouth, perfectly seasoned and marbled, and I didn’t want it to end. The Carbonara was just as delicious, as the bacon was crispy and flavorful. I felt as if the noises of joy I was making were an ad for the restaurant.

Last but certainly not least, the brownie. Delicious chocolate with a chocolate sauce, peanut butter ice cream and a toasted marshmallow on top.

Who does not like a brownie? The brownie did not pull punches and was a wonderful way to end the night’s culinary odyssey.

Overall, the food was delicious. Love at first bite that kept on delivering until it was gone. The portions were respectively big, providing some leftovers that ended up being just as good as they were at the restaurant.

The price was surprisingly reasonable for the quantity and quality of the food we received, though it is certainly an expense that you have to plan for. The Black Cypress is a fancy restaurant, and it shows both in the food and dining experience.

The Black Cypress was a great place for a dinner for two, and I would recommend that you keep it on your list for any big celebrations you might have on the horizon. Valentine’s Day is coming up, so I would recommend getting that reservation in.

The Black Cypress has firmly placed itself among my favorite restaurants in Pullman, and I do not foresee it getting dislodged anytime soon.

If you know of some food spots that I have not tried yet that you are just dying to brag about to your friends, let me know by emailing [email protected].