Cooking with Carson: Green bean casserole that will have you reaching for seconds

This dish isn’t just for holidays



Incredibly easy, incredibly delicious

CARSON HOLLAND, Evergreen columnist

The old reliable, the standby, the dish that somehow shows up at almost any holiday party.

Dread it, love it, green bean casserole is inevitable.

And best of all, green bean casseroles can be a dish that is both enjoyable and modifiable to your preference. I personally love a nice green bean casserole so much during any of the holidays that I am more than willing to make it for myself any normal day of the week. Though with these recommended modifications, you can spice it up.

The original recipe that I am putting down only has four ingredients (not counting any seasoning) and only uses one dish. Not only is it incredibly cheap, but it also won’t have you doing a ton of dishes at the end of the night with hard-to-get-off grime and grit. Not to mention, the casserole keeps really well.

As January is winding down and February is being ushered in, look no further for a recipe that can help you get through the week and the gray skies ahead. There are so many modifications that you can really make the dish however you want, and it will still be recognizable as a green bean casserole.

If you are feeling a tasty side or, with the right modifications, a full meal, give this one a try. This dish is not just for the holidays anymore.

Hope you enjoy it!


1 can of condensed cream of mushroom soup (10–12 ounces)

1/2 cup of whole milk

4 cups of cooked cut green beans (I usually use canned green beans)

1 1/2 cups of french fried onions

Garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper to taste

Optional Toppings

1 cup of chopped ham or bacon

1/2 cup of green onions

1/2–1 cup of cheese

1/2 cup of red onions

Panko bread crumbs instead of french onions

Red pepper flakes

Sriracha or your favorite hot sauce

Prep Work

Preheat your oven to around 350 degrees Fahrenheit

If you are using fresh green beans, make sure to wash them

If you are using canned green beans, make sure to drain them

If you are using any optional ingredients, use this time to chop them, making sure they are as thin as possible

Assembling the Casserole

In a casserole dish, stir together your condensed mushroom soup, milk, green beans and half of your french onions

Add any optional ingredients you wish at this point (proteins, green onions or french onions substitute)

Add your seasoning, making sure it is well incorporated into the mixture

Place into your oven

Cooking and Serving

Bake for around 25 minutes or until hot all the way through

Stir together the bean mixture 

Sprinkle the remainder of the french onions

If you are adding cheese or red onions, do so now

Bake for another five minutes or until the onions are golden brown


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