Cooking with Carson: Your manual to a perfect grilled cheese

The smell of the stew cooking is almost as good as the taste



The true heavyweight sandwich.

CARSON HOLLAND, Evergreen columnist

The humble grilled cheese.

For many college students, this sandwich is the cornerstone of their diet. For me, they are a delicious treat to the end of a day of student teaching. As a former RA, I was surprised to learn that many college kids don’t actually know how to make a perfect grilled cheese. I am here to fill that hole.

Either with a bowl of tomato soup to dip it in or, in my case, a salad to accompany it, there are many different ways to enjoy the grilled cheese. Likewise, there are many different schools of thought as to how to prepare grilled cheese properly. This is a definitive guide on the right way to make a grilled cheese.

I hear you rushing to your keyboard to type out a comment.

Yes, of course, there are multiple ways that you can prepare a grilled cheese and still enjoy it. That is the beauty of the grilled cheese and despite our shared knowledge, there are still some who have never made themselves one. This article goes out to every college student who has yet to attempt to burn a grilled cheese in their dorm kitchen.

If you are feeling an easy meal, this is the perfect stop. The ingredients are not only plentiful but also incredibly cheap. I am going to be offering some alternatives to spice up the meal, but if you want to keep to the cheap nature of the original, then fear not: the sandwich is delicious on its own.

Hope you enjoy it!


Two pieces of bread


Your choice of cheese


Garlic Texas Toast or Rye Bread is supreme for grilled cheese

American Cheese is the way to go, pepper jack is a close second

Some people use mayo instead of butter, and while initially horrifying, it works well!

Add strips of bacon or ham to the grilled cheese to really crank it to the next level

Adding some tabasco or your hot sauce of choice to your bites also cranks it up

Making your grilled cheese

Add butter to one side of each slice of bread

Heat a pan over your stove on medium heat and place the slices of bread butter down

Stack your cheese on one slice of bread, add your additional ingredients in the middle and cover it with cheese

Flip one piece of bread on top, flip the sandwich over

Flip one more time until both sides are toasted to where you want it

Tips for the best grilled cheese

Do not be afraid of slightly burning your grilled cheese, this adds a crunch and great taste

Be patient; do not crank the heat up to high unless you want rock-hard bread

Use thicker bread; the golden choice is to use garlic Texas Toast

Always have a dip, whether it is tomato soup or something else; it will make your sandwich experience all the better


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