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Ask Life: How to take on first week of classes?

Scheduling, organizing, exploring campus and more
Get a head start this semester by making a schedule, meeting your professors and more.

Dear Life Section,

Classes are beginning again! However, the first day and repetitive discussions of the syllabus gave me no incentive to show interest in classes. Is there a way to make the first week of classes more productive?


First Week Cold Feet


Dear First Week Cold Feet,

The first week of classes can be invigorating and nerve-wracking whether you are a freshman or a returning student. To make the most out of this week, walk in with enthusiasm and confidence.

Arrive early to familiarize yourself with the class location and be prepared with all your supplies. Being ahead of time will alleviate most of your stress.

Introduce yourself to your professor and classmates. Get to know your professor’s interests and experiences, as this can help to make the class more interesting.

Focus on the potential to make new friends in the class. Peers can always be helpful, you can also form study groups.

The way you present yourself can influence your comfort and confidence. Dressing accordingly will make a positive impression and help you get through the day.

You may take notes for grade requirements, setting a target and understanding the class policies. Create a schedule to help with prioritizing your time for both academic and personal activities.

Most professors put up a course schedule that helps to track all deadlines. Printing your course schedules for every class and pinning them up may also help you.

Take notes from day one. This can help you stay engaged in class and keep up with your professor’s speed of teaching. You can be creative while taking notes; try using sticky notes and color-coded markers.

Make sure to pick up a small snack to keep your energy levels up, especially for back-to-back classes.

Keep yourself organized. Go to class prepared with all of your resources and a positive attitude. Be receptive to new concepts and ideas projected in class. A willingness to explore and adapt will help with a better academic experience.

Plan something after class; join a fitness class or an art class. Explore all the resources on campus, be they the library, tutoring centers or student organizations.

Reflect on your day and acknowledge small achievements. And if none of this seems relevant, simply be on time with a cup of coffee in your hand.

Good luck with your first week!


The Life Section

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